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Scuba Demonstration

If you are interested in seeing what recreational scuba diving looks like, but are hesitant to try it for yourself, our scuba instructors are able to offer scuba demonstrations. If your loved one is a diver, this is also an opportunity to better understand how to provide shore support for your diver friends and family. You will be able to see our bubbles move around the dive site. Each demonstration includes an instructor going underwater for up to 20-30 minutes. You need permission from the pool owner, marina owner, or land owner of the property.

Our instructors for demonstration are certified in self-reliant diving or are instructors in self-reliant diving. They are trained to handle all types of situations underwater.

During the demonstration, if we see lost items or garbage, we will often bring it up if it is safe and feasible to do so. We may also be able to bring an underwater camera if conditions allow. This is not the primary goal of the dive, but merely a bonus. We have happened to recover lost cell phones, cameras, car keys, watches, and even antiques when we have come across them. All recovered items will be returned to their respective owners. Sometimes we don't find anything, which we are happy about because that means there's no garbage. Historical items and items from protected dive sites will not be brought up.

The charge for a scuba demonstration is $500 and does not include any park entry fees or parking fees. Any additional fees incurred will be borne by the client.

Book your demonstration today! 

If you are interested in pursuing your open water certification after the demonstration, we are happy to offer a $100 discount per registration (up to maximum of five people).

2023 guided FUN dives


We will be organising guided lead dives almost every other Thursday during the summer season. This is a great opportunity for you to discover local diving, build on your diving experience, and make some new friends!

If you're looking to try equipment before buying, this would also be a great chance to test drive gear. Please note that there will be no instruction / classes / skill evaluations unless arranged in advance.

**Dive sites will be chosen closer to the date, but will rotate between Humber Bay Park (Toronto/Etobicoke), Welland Scuba Park (Welland/St. Catherines), Cedar Hill Park (Wiarton), Centennial Park (Barrie), etc.**

Please call or email to sign up and join us on a dive. $25 per dive for a Divemaster/Instructor-lead dive.

May 25 | June 8 | June 22 | July 6 | July 20 | Aug 17 | Aug 31 | Sept 14

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