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Gear Servicing and Repair

It is important for your scuba gear to be serviced and maintained well; it is your life support system underwater after all! That's why at Dirty Adventures Scuba, we treat your gear like our own.

We recommend that regulators be serviced annually or after every 100 dives, particularly if they have had exposure to saltwater. Buoyancy compensator inflator hoses should also be inspected regularly and serviced when needed. Scuba cylinders should be inspected annually and hydrostatically tested every five years. We also offer service for Suunto and Shearwater dive computers; for other brands, please inquire.

We partner with S&S Diving for wetsuit and drysuit servicing: leak tests, installation of field replaceable systems, neck and wrist seal replacements, etc. Please contact them here to discuss your needs.

Service Price List and Turnaround Times (all prices exclusive of HST)

Regulator service: $65 per stage (2 weeks)

Buoyancy compensator inspection and service: $50 (2 weeks)

Visual inspection: $25 (48-72 hours)

Hydrostatic testing: $65 (2 weeks, includes visual inspection)

Rush service: $100 add on, subject to availability

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