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Guided and Buddy Diving

  • New to cold water diving?

  • Unfamiliar with local diving areas?

  • Looking to get more experience and build confidence?


If that’s you, then guided or buddy dives might be for you, so you can get the most fun out of your diving time!

What are guided dives?

Guided dives are an opportunity for a guided diver to learn a new area or a new site with a knowledgeable, local diver who is experienced at that site. Receive an informative briefing, don’t miss out on the highlights, and learn best practices for diving in the area. Have more fun with a greater safety margin with an experienced guide!

What are buddy dives?

Buddy dives allow a diver to hire a qualified, skilled buddy for a dive, a day, or a week of diving when they otherwise might not have had anyone with whom to dive. When hiring a buddy, you’re hiring a diver with the qualifications to do a specific dive, but are not expecting that the hired buddy to have either specific or highly-experienced knowledge of the site(s) to be dived. As buddies, you’ll explore these sites together.

What’s the difference?

Priorities! On guided dives, your guide will lead and show you all the best spots, and if desired, can incorporate skill analysis, refinement, and improvement during the dive. This way, you can build your skills and experience under a qualified mentor while having fun on real dives. On buddy dives, the priority (after safety) is on seeing new/cool things and learning new sites. Both guided and buddy dives are conducted within the current certification limits of all clients.

Prices are customized to each diver’s unique goals, experience, and availability. All dives are done within your current certification limits. If your needs do not match our availability or expertise, we will connect you with the appropriate dive professional.


Guided and buddy dives are available for a number of GTA, Ontario, and international locations, including:

  • Tobermory

  • Brockville and the 1000 Islands Region

  • Penetanguishene / Georgian Bay

  • Welland Scuba Canal

  • Dauin, Philippines


To learn more about guided or buddy diving, contact us with the following information:

  • Where you’d like to dive

  • Types of things you like to see and places you like to go

  • Your dive history, recent experience, and current certification level(s)

  • Approximate schedule availability (e.g. weekdays vs weekend, specific date range)

Ask about complete logistics management or trip planning packages and get the most out of your trip!

2023 guided FUN dives


We will be organising guided lead dives almost every other Thursday during the summer season. This is a great opportunity for you to discover local diving, build on your diving experience, and make some new friends!

If you're looking to try equipment before buying, this would also be a great chance to test drive gear. Please note that there will be no instruction / classes / skill evaluations unless arranged in advance.

**Dive sites will be chosen closer to the date, but will rotate between Humber Bay Park (Toronto/Etobicoke), Welland Scuba Park (Welland/St. Catherines), Cedar Hill Park (Wiarton), Centennial Park (Barrie), etc.**

Please call or email to sign up and join us on a dive. $25 per dive for a Divemaster/Instructor-lead dive.

May 25 | June 8 | June 22 | July 6 | July 20 | Aug 17 | Aug 31 | Sept 14

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