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Our Mission (Why Train With Us!)

Our mission is driven by the following three pillars: community, education, and sustainability.


At Dirty Adventures Scuba, we want to grow the diving community in an inclusive manner. We want to provide a space for divers who are traditionally underrepresented in diving leadership and encourage underrepresented groups to partake in scuba diving. Here at Dirty Adventures Scuba, every voice matters, and no one should ever be afraid to speak up or ask questions. Your active participation in this community plays a great role in building a safe diving culture, as everyone should be well-informed to make their own risk assessments. 


We also want to appeal to those who traditionally don't think of diving as an activity that is doable here in Canada and build a strong local community. We believe in achieving success by focusing on long-term relationships. That means our advice will be in your best interest and not necessarily for our bottom line. We focus on ensuring that you make the right booking and not the next booking, because we’d rather turn you down than have you take a course that serves no practical benefit to you. 



We offer scuba instruction from try diving all the way up to the Assistant Instructor level. While our home base is the Greater Toronto Area, we are happy to travel to where you are to increase access to underserved areas. We bring our experience in education, both in scuba and in other domains, to deliver personalized scuba education for you.


The sport of scuba diving has inherent risks. However, we believe that these risks can be minimized with proper education and training. This starts with our small class sizes ⁠— with a maximum student to instructor ratio of 3:1, you will never be left behind. Promoting and increasing in-water safety is about constantly analyzing and critically thinking about how one can improve — every dive. We believe in fair and balanced feedback; we always seek to identify to you, the student, what can be improved to help you achieve your goals. We never compromise our standards.



We believe in the power of scuba education to increase awareness of humanity’s impact on our environment. Scuba diving is uniquely positioned to allow the general public to experience our beautiful, yet fragile, underwater ecosystems, while communicating what we are at risk of losing through climate change.


To this end, we work with brands that share our core belief in sustainability and share our values. Our gear advice is based on what we would buy for ourselves if we were in your shoes; too often, we see divers making purchases that do not fit their goals and end up being discarded or on the used market when the inevitable upgrade happens.

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