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PADI specialty courses are an excellent way to gain more experience and learn more about a specific aspect of scuba diving. Interested, but not sure about which courses to take? Give us a call or email us today!


Pricing is course-dependent; we offer discounts for multiple courses!

Image by Marek Okon

Our Most Popular Specialties


        Extend your limits and see more of the underwater world!

Dive Propulsion Vehicle

         Zoom along and extend your range!


         Tired of freezing at Tobermory? Experience the magic of drysuit               diving!

Enriched Air (Nitrox)

        Stay deeper for longer – it only takes a day!


        Learn how to keep yourself safe in the event you find yourself alone.

We run specialty courses on demand and classes are scheduled at your convenience. Please check our calendar for the latest class dates and contact us for a free consultation!

We also offer the following specialties – ask us for more information today!


Adaptive Support / Adaptive Techniques

If you are interested in learning different strategies for divers with special needs, this is the course for you!


Learn about best practices and diving etiquettes when diving off a boat!

Delayed Surface Marker Buoy

Never used a ‘safety sausage’ before? Learn how this vital piece of equipment can help keep you safe in the water!

Dive Against Debris

Learn how you can contribute by surveying and removing underwater debris and pollution on every dive.


Let the current do all the work for you!

Emergency Oxygen Provider

Oxygen can mean the difference between life and death in an accident. Are you prepared?


Come see how the underwater world changes when the sun goes down!

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Improve your buoyancy control and fine-tune your skills!

Search & Recovery

Learn how to use a lift bag and various techniques to look for any lost item!

Sidemount [currently unavailable]

Bad back? Prefer having your tanks by your side? This is for you!

Underwater Naturalist

Get a better understanding of your local ecosystem and the differences between terrestrial and aquatic worlds!

Underwater Navigation

Gain experience and confidence in navigating underwater!


Take advantage of the many amazing shipwrecks in Ontario! Note: this course does not involve wreck penetration.

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