Rescue Diver


You’re in the middle of your dive, when, all of a sudden, you turn around and realize that your buddy has disappeared.


Most scuba divers will encounter a problem at some point in their diving. The Rescue Diver course will expand your situational awareness and teach you how to handle a situation when things go wrong on the surface or underwater. It will give you the knowledge and skill to plan your dives with a greater safety margin, because knowing how to prevent and control problems will help them prevent or control these obstacles along the way.

$400 + HST

All students will need to have current first aid certification to begin the course. Discounts are available if the Rescue Diver course is taken in conjunction with the Emergency First Responder certification and Emergency Oxygen Provider specialty.

2022 course dates

July 23/24

Don't see a date you want? Email us with your availability!


What is the minimum age requirement?

All students need to be 15 years old or older on the day they begin their course.


Do you offer e-learning?

Yes! We offer both e-learning as well as traditional course materials on paper.


Where do you conduct your courses?

We typically conduct Rescue Diver courses at Gulliver's Lake (Hamilton) or Humber Bay Park (Toronto), depending on availability and conditions.


What is included in the course price?

  • Certification fees

  • 10 free air fills for you to use after your course! (worth $100)

What is NOT included in the course price?

  • Full scuba equipment rental (mask, snorkel, buoyancy compensator, wetsuit, fins, tank, weights)

  • Any applicable entry fees (Gulliver’s Lake)

  • First aid certification

  • Additional training dives if deemed necessary by our instructors


What gear do I need?

  • Standard gear (mask, snorkel, buoyancy compensator, wetsuit, fins, tank, weights)

  • Surface marker (preferably closed-circuit) with a finger reel or spool

  • CPR / O2 pocket mask

  • Wet notes or dive slate

  • Optional: cutting device