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GUE Instructor

Alain is an accomplished GUE Fundamentals and Recreational instructor who has been actively teaching with GUE since 2018. He is an experienced GUE diver with a deep passion for technical, cave, and rebreather diving. Alain enjoys teaching transformational courses that have a direct impact on divers' capacity, making him a highly respected and sought-after instructor in the diving community.

Alain's expertise in diving makes him a valuable asset to the diving community in Toronto. His commitment to teaching and his ability to impart knowledge in a clear and concise manner have earned him a reputation as an excellent instructor. His diving courses cover a range of topics and provide divers with the necessary skills and knowledge to dive safely and responsibly in various environments.

Alain contributes as a seasonal author on, sharing educational videos for divers, further solidifying his status as a trusted educator.

Despite his full-time position in program management, Alain remains deeply involved in extreme sports, showcasing his adventurous spirit and love for physical challenges through activities like skydiving, caving, and sparring.

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