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GEOFF #426931

Lead Adventurer

IDC Staff Instructor; PCI-PSI Certifications in Visual Cylinder Inspection and Oxygen Cylinder Cleaning Technician

Geoff first learned to dive on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia while backpacking there. Australia is one of his favorite dive destinations, and he has since returned to Australia four times, most recently to take his kids diving there. Having dived for over 20 years, Geoff is enthusiastic about using his extensive knowledge and experience to promote dive practices that prioritize safety and sustainability. The learning never stops; he recently completed the GUE Doubles Primer as part of his continued commitment to improvement.


Geoff loves diving in cold fresh water and warm salt water equally as much. Having grown up swimming in Lake Huron, he loves being able to finish a dive in his drysuit and be perfectly dry except for his hair… when everything goes right, of course! His favorite dive in Ontario is the drift dive from the Weehawk to the Conestoga in the St. Lawrence River; the dive truly makes you feel like Superman while you’re moving in the current faster than you can swim. With all that being said, however, to Geoff, nothing beats the vast array of marine life to be found in tropical waters!


When not underwater, Geoff can be found fostering dogs and rock climbing. He also teaches computer science at Sheridan College, mentors upcoming entrepreneurs at the EDGE startup space, and is the founder and owner of Osnium Software Inc.

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