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Heidi #436620

Special Projects

Open Water Scuba Instructor; Cave and Tech Diver

Heidi began her scuba journey in the warm waters of Vietnam and was instantly hooked, continuing her training towards her recreational instructor, full cave, and AN/DP ratings in Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines. Heidi is always up for a challenge and is always looking to improve her skills. A GUE-trained diver, she is hoping to complete her Tech 1 and Cave 1 ratings in the near future.


Heidi is passionate about training new divers in an environmentally-conscious manner and prioritizing skill development and core competencies with students. She enjoys learning about local history and all the critters that she meets underwater. When not diving with students, she enjoys a good drift dive while watching manta rays fly by, as well as looking at shipwrecks and at underwater stalactites and stalagmites. The bigger the animal, wreck or cave, the better! 


Outside of scuba, Heidi mentors high school students as an education consultant. She speaks French and a smattering of Mandarin Chinese, and enjoys hiking, skiing, and playing chess when diving conditions suggest land-based activities.

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